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About the Contoocook Carry© Triathlon
and Fund, and Wood for Warmth

  Ours is a simple, family effort to get neighbors in a small New England town to have fun participating  in an athletic event that celebrates our community, teamwork and helps raise money for various causes within our town.


  In 2002 we began this effort to honor two young boys that died in a tragic winter accident.  First called the Carr-Shumway Triathlon, its proceeds assisted the building of The Spirit Skateboard Park in Contoocook Village, as a memorial to these wonderful boys.  As we were organizing the first event, three important principles emerged to guide our efforts.  First, that although this was to be a competitive athletic event, we were going to encourage participant diversity – we wanted families, teens, grandparents, as well as seasoned athletes.  Second, that part of the experience was to have fun – so unusual prizes, team identities and team costumes were part of the experience.  Third, since the Congoran family would underwrite the event’s expenses, all proceeds will be directed toward assisting individuals and families in our community


  Every year since, this triathlon has been dedicated to helping people in the villages of Contoocook and Hopkinton through the Contoocook Carry Community Fund. Proceeds raised from this event, which in the past had been used for assistance with food, shelter, pharmaceuticals, etc., are currently being directed toward fuel assistance for those in the community who need our help.


About the Contoocook Carry Fund


  In mid-August, a town-wide mailing will be done to give all residents an opportunity to make a donation, large or small, to help their neighbors weather the upcoming, harsh New England winter.  These funds, added to the Triathlon proceeds and generous sponsorships given by families and businesses, have been of immeasurable help to our residents during the cold weather.

 About Wood for Warmth©


  In 2008, the Contoocook Carry Fund received its first donation of a cord of wood.  We realized that direct gifts of wood, here in New Hampshire, might be of enormous help to families bearing the significant rise in costs of fuel oil and gas.  Wood for Warmth was created to encourage neighbors to help neighbors by donating or trucking to and/or splitting wood at the newly formed Sean Powers Wood Bank (named for a beloved fallen police officer).  Volunteers (families, teens, adults, dogs, etc.) finally stacked 11 cords of wood to help their friends.  Throughout the 2008 winter, those who ran a little short on firewood supplies, asked for a voucher to access this wood – and now we are down to 1 cord.  Those who received wood, offered to come back on a volunteer day – and so the cycle goes on of Neighbors helping Neighbors.  Please read and see pictures at www.WoodforWarmth.org.


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